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[Spoiler Alert] Majisuka Gakuen Season 1 & 2

Hello2!! Yesterday i have finished watched MAJISUKA GAKUEN SEASON 1 & 2.. woahhh!!
i am super excited because my favvy AKB48 member is in here!

preview for this drama "In this drama members of AKB48,SKE48, SDN48 come together in an all-girls Yankii High School ,were they strive to be the top unit. Maeda Atsuko plays the lead as the daughter of Yankii`s she transfers to Majisuka Gakuen , looking for a fresh start ,however Daruma played by SDN48`s Nachu ,just seems to find herself in situation after situation.

Daruma`s foolishness draws Maeda ,deeper into the world of Majisuka ,were she has to come face to face with her personal demons and the law according to the school."

this story is similar to CROWS ZERO, but the differences is this is a girl school.. 
and yes, the lead actor for the season 1 is Atsuko Maeda as a transferred student who is stronger than the 
Rappappa [Wind Instrument Club] 4 Heavenly Queen Member. woaahh!!
and the president of Rappappa is my no. 1 favvy after Acchan (Atsuko nickname in AKB48) is Yuko Oshima.

Yes, this is her!
From left : Shibuya (1 of the 4 Heavenly Queen) , Sado (Rappappa Vice President) , Black (behind: 1 of the 4 Heavenly Queen) , Yuko (center , Rappappa President) , Gekikara (2nd from right: 1 of the 4 Heavenly Queen) and Torigoya ( also 1 of the 4 Heavenly Queen). 

actually they are : tomomi itano, shinoda mariko, kashiwagi yuki, yuko oshima, matsui rena and kojima haruna.
they are the top in AKB48 and become the lead actors n season 1.
okay, i want to share my favourite character in season 1, that is GEKIKARA!

as we know, Gekikara is one of the 4 Heavenly Queen in Rappappa, but she is the most cruelest 
among them because she like blood! hehehe..
i like the way they introduce 4 Heavenly queen members, its really look like anime thingy..
and for me, its look like character in Bleach anime. 
i like Gekikara because she is so cool. huahuahua..~! 
omg, so sugooii~! plus, the actress, Matsui Rena is really suitable to be Gekikara. 

so cool isnt it?? woahh! 
sorry for too much Gekikara..hehe..cant resist :D

even though her character is cruel, but she is actually a cute and sweet girl :)

jjenng! kawaii ne?!

ok, for overall, Majisuka Gakuen 1 focus more on the top 10 popular member in AKB48 and SKE48. 
but in Season 2, it more focus on the new character. Atsuko, Yuko, Black, and other Heavenly queen is 
no more here as have graduated from the school. except for Gekikara 
as she have to repeat another year. this time, she cannot be a Gekikara anymore and
she have to be Amakuchi, the one who does not using cruelty anymore. 
so funny when she have to change herself as she have to promise to yuko to graduate this year.

this is Amakuchi! 
The Death of Gekikara and the Birth of Amakuchi!

okay, in season 2, two lead character is Nezumi and Center, the freshmen of the school and want to
take position as top in Rappappa. 
Nezumi ( play by mayuyu)
Center (play by Matsui Jurina)

i am not really a fan of mayuyu and jurina, so i am not really interested to watch season 2, 
besides, character Atsuko also not being focused so much in fighting which i like to watch..and Gekikara have  become Amakuchi, =.=

The new Rappappa leader is not taken by Atsuko but another transferred girl from Kyoto, named Yokoyama Okabe. which is also strong but have lost with Maeda in the past. 
the new Rappappa.

Majisuka Gakuen 2 is about MajiJo fight with Yabakune High School. of course in season 1, there is a scene where MajiJo vs Yabakune and win by MajiJo (only Atsuko and Sado). haha..
but in season 2, one of the 4 Heavenly Queen, Shibuya, become traitor and become a leader in Yabakune and declare a war with MajiJo or actually with Atsuko.
shibuya with Yabakune Girls!

This drama is really recommended for those who admire AKB48 or for those who want to know 
more about AKB or SKE members.

but for me, Season 1 is the best! when i watch season 2, i miss the old Rappappa. :(
the ost song is also best and recommended. okay, if you want to know more about Majisuka Gakuen, 
download it! NOW! 

"I AM SERIOUS!" - Atsuko
"ARE YOU MAD?" - Gekikara

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