Sunday, October 28, 2012

Maeda Atsuko twitter account~~~!!

One of my happiest day finally came!

My favourite idol finally have her own twitter account!! OMG!
Until now there is only a few AKB48 members who own twitter.

The one with the many follower is Mariko-sama :  1,323,571 followers and Kojiharu : 990,847 followers.

Acchan just make her twitter account in less than 1 hour and until i am writing the entry she just hit a 100k follower!

Actually i am not sure either this is the real Acchan or not but since she tweeting with Mariko sama and Kojiharu then i bet this is real. 
Other fan also said so. 

A few minutes before, taken from my phone :

a few moments after :

And finally Mariko sama tweet and she congratulated for Acchan Twitter debut. Lol

Mariko-sama is such a nice friend. :)

Her fan are super excited, including me. Lol.
Then i tweet to her welcoming her to Twitter :) 
Not sure bout the grammar but i seek help from one of her fan too. Nice right, fan help other fan :)

Latest until now : 122,575 follower.

I hope that she can exceed Mariko-sama follower and get 1m follower in a week. 
Do not underestimate her fan base even after she graduated from AKB48. 

And hey you! yes you, the one who reading this entry, please do follow
Acchan twitter account by clicking here : 

follow her okay. Acchan said peace :) wink wink wink!

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