Friday, November 9, 2012

AKB48 UZA unboxing

AKB48 have released their 28th single on 31st October
and of course i am one of the fan that bought the single :)

After a week waiting, then finally mine was arrived.

I bought type B the one with Paruru at the center of the cover.

Mayuyu and Jurina is the bonus picture from HMV.
For the picture inside the single, i got UG Yamada Nana picture.

Other than UZA, i also bought other 3 CDs.

I bought Acchan : Flower single, Tomochin : Fuini and Team Dragon : Kokoro no Hane for Dragon Ball OST. :)

Gonna buy the next single, that is the Janken single : 29th single : Eien Pressure cause the song i vote for the MV Request is WIN!!

Well for your information i vote for First Rabbit and it got second place after Team B Oshi.
Since now i am the team B oshi for the new team B, i am not buying it cause they gonna make the PV using the old team :)

Jya, matta ne :)

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