Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bye AKB48 and hello NMB48

Hye! Its been a long time i haven't upload or post any entry.
I am feeling too lazy to post and since today is a weekend,
I have more free time to spare, lol. so i decided to update my blog :)

Today I prefer not to talk about what currently happen in my life.
But I wanna talk bout my new favourite group after AKB48, that is NMB48.
NMB not a new group actually, but I have just currently give my attention to them
since I have no longer interested with AKB48.

--> no longer interested with AKB48??? WHYYYYY??

okay, first of all, let me tell you bout this. But I hope no fans will be butt hurt with what will I am saying here cause because this is just merely my opinion. okay? peace!

First, that is because my NUMBER ONE oshi have graduated. who? and of course, Acchan. Last and this year, too many members and the senpai of AKB48 will graduate. SKE48 too have a mass graduate members with 9 members will graduate. okay, ignore the graduate topic here, its all about Acchan. After almost a year, I still mourn about her graduation from AKB48, okay, I know I am a bit exaggerated, maybe because I know about AKB and know Acchan a year before she graduate which is too late for me to support her in AKB and in General Election as well. This is hurt for me because there is so much I don't know bout her, drama, song, concert, stage etc. This is because, AKB have been debuted 6 years ago that is on 2006 and I just know about AKB and Acchan on 2011. Can you imagine how much things about AKB that I have left? For a new fan like me, will understand this feeling.


Second, okay lets say enough with Acchan graduation topic, I have to let go and find the new oshi with the members who still in AKB. This is not easy, really NOT that easy. This is because, one does not easily have oshi or bias. The first girl I know in AKB is Yuko but her level is not the same with Acchan. Yuko and Acchan is different person. So, the issue here is, who will replace Acchan position? Even though Yuko is always after Acchan, but Aki-P will always wanna find the new face from the lower generation, especially the 9th generation because the 9 gen is his favourite (this is what most people i know say). Look at the member he push, and mostly is from the 9 gen.

Acchan & Yuko

But the huge problem here is, the member who being push is not my favorite. I am sorry to say, but different people have different type of idol they will like.
The members who being push is of course, Paruru or Shimazaki Haruka. After the Jankenpon tournament, there is Paruru everywhere. Now even at the concert, she will be standing with the top senbatsu members.  i know that is Aki-P strategy to find for a new Ace and Center for the future AKB since she is still young and obviously his favorite. Do not mention about she being center in the drama Majisuka Prison and Shiritsu Bakaleya. Besides that, she is also being the center of the new Team B alongside with Yukirin.

And since that, Paru seems to be push to be in the center alongside with Mayuyu. Yes, AKB double center, since they are in the same age.

Aki-P cant throw away Mayu since she is at the Top 3 list of senbatsu members. And to be the worst for me, triple center for their latest single, So Long! consist of Mayuyu, Paruru and Jurina. I am sorry to say here that Jurina is not my favorite. 

See the three girls at the center. 

--> Ehh? where is Yuko? She is No.1 in General Election right?

Yes, but I think Aki-P put this three as a center in So Long as they are still in their teenage rather than Yuko who is already in 20s. So the concept of graduation theme is quite not suitable with Yuko. But still Yuko is the center in the So Long drama, again, alongside with Jurina. (meh..).

Okay, forget about Paruru, another girl who is being pushed is Riichan or Kawaei Rina which is also not my fav. Same like Paruru being center alongside Yukirin in Team B, Riichan also being center alongside with Mayuyu in Team A.

She also have many screen time in First Rabbit pv more than Paruru. (Aki-P, I can see your strategy.Lol)
Okay, the main issue here is, the pushed member in AKB now is not my favorite which my heart can take it anymore (lol) 

Mayuyu : My feelings toward Mayu is just so-so. She is cute, have a full package of idol, not an annoying type of girl and also polite. But she does not capture my heart as Acchan and Yuko did. :)

Paruru : She is cute, polite and shy but putting her suddenly in the center is a NO to me. I also expect that she will be in the senbatsu ranking this coming General Election.

Riichan : I have nothing else to say. 

Jurina : She is one of the top ranking in Aki-P fav member. She being push since SKE debut alongside with Matsui Rena and now she is also in SKE and AKB Team K center with Yuko. Sometimes, I don't like some of Jurina attitude which looks like annoying to me. (you mad?)

---> Team K center? wth? she is from SKE right? why does she become Team K center? Aki-P for that. -.-

Since my half of my heart goes together with Acchan, now half of my heart trying to find the new oshi. Since AKB is not a place to go, and of course not SKE (cause there is Jurina) then my heart goes to NMB48. :D

Okay, let me tell you bout it.
At first, I know the center for NMB48 is Sayanee but she also did not capture my heart. But the one who able to get my attention is Milky or Watanabe Miyuki.

omaigad, she is cute. cuteness overload. For me, her face have a perfect symmetry of cuteness ( eh? ) lol 
 Milky is being NMB center alongside with Sayanee. This two have been a rival in general election and also in the photobook selling which being won by Milky. While in general election, Sayanee overpass Milky by getting in the 18th rank and Milky 19th. Goodluck with the next general election, I hope both of you still in the undergirls rank. :D

Then, after milky I know this girl. She is still young, but she is so beautiful. She is just 16 now but imagine in three years time, her level of beautiful will be overflow. lol

yes, there she is, Yagura Fuuko or Fuuchan.

The good thing is, she is the center of Team M. Ermagherrdd.. Thanks to Aki-P for putting her as a center. At first, Eriko Jo is the center of Team M, but since she have graduated, Fuuchan is the one who replace her. ( em..should i say thanks to Jo? *kidding)

This two is my oshi, but I also have a side oshi ( eh? whatever..) which is Akarin (Yoshida akari) and Keicchi (jonishi kei). This two also a senbatsu member of NMB. 




* eh, in the pic above she looks like UEE. 

Another one bonus point for NMB is their dance is so powerful and sharp. If you know Yuko, she is one in AKB who is energetic and can dance a powerful dance. But in NMB, imagine that there is 16 Yuko in a stage. Omaigaddd.. 

Well.. that all for now, I hope no one is butt hurt with my entry above. It is merely just my opinion. If you have your own opinion to share, just put your comment below. 

Now, please excuse me, I wanna watch the concert and also NMB Geinin first. Bye2 :D



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